John (Jack) Mather was born in 1923 in Birkdale near Southport but moved to Manchester as a child. He attended St. Bedes College, leaving at 14 to work in the Cotton Trade. After war service in the Royal Air Force he later became an accountant. He married Shiela in 1954. He joined Brooklands Circle in 1989 serving as chamberlain and welfare officer. He died on 26th November 2003.

Tom Higgins was born in Trafford Park on 23 February in 1913, he started full time work at fourteen, becoming an apprentice with Vickers in Trafford Park. Tom went on to become a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers; he later worked for Ferranti and Vickers in Barrow. He also owned and ran a newsagents for 10 years. He married Jessie in August 1938, was a keen ballroom dancer and had a passion for Manchester United. He died on October 17th 2002.

Peter Roberts was born in Barrow in Furness in 1928, he became a Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He married Catherine in 1948. In 1965 Peter moved to Sale ande became a member of Brooklands Circle serving as registrar and treasurer. Peter was also an active member of the Knights of St. Columba, SPUC, Lifeline and Serra. After a long illness he died on 17 January 2002.

Jim Benson was born in County Sligo in 1936 and qualified as a mining engineer and surveyor. He came to England in 1956, married Maureen in 1967 and had three children. Jim joined the Catenian Association in 1985 and served for a number of years as both Registrar and Treasurer. After a long illness he died on 18 January 2001.

Bill Rowley was born in Staffordshire in 1919 and moved to Miles Plating at the age of 11. He joined the South Lancashire Regiment in 1939 and served throughout the war. He was an accomplished ballroom dancer and teacher of dancing. He married Verna in 1948 and they moved to Ashton on Mersey. Bill joined Brooklands Circle but never took office. Bill died on 7 February 1999.

Bob Jordan was born in Chorlton in 1905. After school he qualified as an accountant. He married Molly in 1935 and they had two children. Bob was involved in many aspects of church life. He eventually moved away to be near his daughter. He died on 18 February 1994.

Bill Hockenhull was born in Preston in 1926, he remained a bachelor. He taught science at St. Bedes Manchester for 40 years. Bill was a founder member of Brooklands Circle in 1961 and President in 1979/8. He was an enthusiastic visitor and took an active part in social activities, he also served as secretary. A parishioner of All Saints parish and an active member of the SVP, he died suddenly at home on 11 October 1998.

Vin Morgan was born in Leeds in 1911, became a teacher and served as a major in the army. He joined Leeds Circle in 1937 and then became a member of both Newcastle and North Cheshire Circles. He was a founder member of Brooklands Circle and President in 1964-65. After serving 60 years as a Catenian he died in March 1997.

George Carroll was born in Middleton in 1909 and married Doris in 1935. They moved to Sale in 1959 and subsequently he became a member of Circle. He was President in 1978-79 and was an active member of the Golf Society. As a result illness they both spent their last years in a care home. George died on 21 February 1993.

Colum Phelan A Prestonian, he was born in 1937 and married Peggy in 1962. He joined Brooklands Circle in 1973 and whislt sponsoring many new brothers, he never held office. He was diagnosed as terminally ill in 1992 and died, aged 55, on 20 January 1993.

Bill Hodkinson was born on 11 August 1909 and had been a member of the Association for many years before relocating to Sale to be closer to his family. He transferred to Brooklands Circle but sadly before he become involved with Circle activities he died on 10 May 1991.

Bill Sykes Born in 1913, he worked at ICI Blackley until retirement. He married Betty and was a founder member of Brooklands Circle where he acted as Treasurer. He was Granada TV’s first champion in Criss Cross Quiz. He died, aged 75, on 28 January 1988.

Bill Sparks Born in South Wales in 1910, Bill became a Catholic before marrying Nora in 1937. Bill managed a grocery shop and joined Brooklands Circle as a founder member. He was President in 1974-75. Both Bill and Nora suffered ill health and Bill died on 4 November 1987 aged 77 years.

Jim Davies was born in 1909 and lived in New Moston. He worked in Insurance and served in the Royal Artillery from 1940 to 45. He married Mary in 1940 and they moved to Ashton on Mersey in 1950. He was a founder member of Brooklands Circle becoming President in 1972-73. Jim died on 25 August 1987.

George Salter Born in 1913 in North London, he later served in North Africa as a major. He married Ronnie and then moved to Timperley where he became a Catholic. George was a founder member of Brooklands Circle and served as President in 1970-71. He received the Bene Merenti Medal in 1985 and died on 23 June 1987.

Bill Crook was born in Liverpool in 1927, he was married to Jean. They moved to Sale and St. Joseph’s parish in 1980 and he became an active member of the SVP. He joined Brooklands Circle in the same year and became secretary to the circle in 1984. Soon after taking up these duties he suffered a fatal heart attack during a lunch stop on a circle hike on April 14 1984.

Frank Shiels Born in 1915, he ran a decorating shop in Sale Moor. A founder member of both Brooklands and North Cheshire Circles, he was President of Brooklands in 1962-63 and Provincial Councillor for 6 years. He suffered serious ill health over his last two years and died on 30 November 1983.

Tom Kershaw served in the RAF throughout the war and was mentioned in dispatches. He joined Brooklands Circle after his wife had died, becoming an active member of the social life of Circle. Tom had no family of his own and spent a lot of time with his three sisters. After a short illness he died on 25 May 1983 aged 78.

Michael Conroy was born in Blackpool in 1928. He had vocational aspirations for Medicine, the Priesthood and then as a monk with the Benedictine order before finding his true vocation in his marriage to Audrey. He joined Manchester City Circle in 1957, transferring to Brooklands two months before he died on 23 July 1980.