John McCarthy Born in 1923 in London John was a Master Baker, living with his family in Timperley. He joined Brooklands Circle in 1964. Unfortunately during his 13 years as a member he suffered from ill health and died in hospital on 11 November 1977.

Ken Benbow was born and brought up in Blackpool. He was married to Nan and initially joined Blackpool and Fylde Circle. He then joined Leeds Circle and Newcastle upon Tyne Circle before joining Brooklands. He was very active in Catholic Action. Ken died on 23 July 1977.

John Donnelly was born in Manchester in 1906. He worked as a plumber and joined the Association as a founder member of both North Cheshire and Brooklands Circles. He was nominated as Vice President but died on 13 November 1972 as a result of an accident and before he could take up office.

Eric Manson was a journalist. He was due to be a founder member of Brooklands Circle but a minor illness delayed his joining by a month. He served for 3 years as secretary. Accompanied by another brother en route to Scotland, he died suddenly near Wetherby on 20 June 1972.

John Astin was born in Manchester in 1915. He attended St. Bedes College and in 1932 started work in the motor trade. He married Marie in 1940 and they had three sons and a daughter. During the war years he became a manager of a factory, manufacturing aircraft components. John was a founder member and President of Davyhulme Circle, a member at Brooklands and was active in politics, St. Bede’s Old Boys and Catholic Action. John sadly died on 17 June 1972.

Bill Metcalfe was a Prestonian who trained for two years as a Jesuit before going to Bristol University. He joined Bristol Circle. After the war he joined South Manchester, and then became a founder member of North Cheshire, Didsbury and Brooklands Circles. He was the second President of Didsbury Circle. Bill died on 20 March 1971.

Walter Birch was born in Redcar in 1920; he studied Pharmacy ay Manchester University. He married Betty in1945 and they moved to Sale in 1955. Walter was a founder member of Brooklands Circle and a regular supporter of social events. He struggled with poor health which prevented him taking office and he died prematurely at age 49 on 20 September 1969.

John Gilligan was born in Sheffield in 1911, spent the war years in the RAF, graduated from Manchester University and became a teacher. He married Kathleen and was headmaster at St. Ambrose Primary School. Jack was heavily involved with several teaching, church and political societies. He was a member of Brooklands Circle and died on 20 August 1968.

Norman Wills was born in 1940 and was a convert before his marriage to Anne Doherty. After a relatively short membership of Brooklands Circle he was tragically killed in an road traffic accident when called out to work. One of our youngest members, he was 27 years old when he died on 11 November 1967.